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Scott set all the packages on the counter and took a breath. " She hugged him again. "Hi sweetie. " She smelled like baking, just like always. Short, blonde and full of energy, constantly surrounded by the scent of rising bread or sugar cookies, nothing felt quite as nice and homey as his mom hugging him. Scott smiled. He saw Drew grin at his own mom, and he saw Ellen nod her head. "Mom, this is Drew. And this is Ellen Smyth, his mom. She dropped by sort of unexpectedly. " Scott was faintly apologetic about the lack 40 911 by Chris Owen of planned lunch for the moms, even though only one had been expected.

Lube," Scott said, his voice tight. " Drew threw out a hand, searching. They had learned quickly that the solution to any lube and condom problem was to scatter as many tubes and jars as possible all over the house. Under the couch, in a canister next to the fridge, in the pocket of the easy chair, both nightstands, the bathroom, and under at least one pillow in both beds. Drew's blindly seeking hand found a tube and he managed to get it open, all the while being driving insane by the hand moving over his cock and the soft skin behind his balls.

I can't promise that any more than he can promise not to hurt me. " A slow grin passed over Daniel's face. " He put a hand on Drew's shoulder. " Drew didn't think he could eat following that conversation, but Scott later assured him that he managed to swallow everything put in front of him, including two pieces of cake. They left as soon after supper as they could politely manage it. Kate pressed leftovers into their hands and kissed Scott repeatedly. Daniel shook hands with them both and hugged Scott just as they left.

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