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In view of the erratic transcriptions of length and stress, no atternpt will be rnade to deal with suprasegrnental features. 170. Another problern in norrnalizing the Biloxi rnaterial has to do with Dorsey's an and afi: it is often difficult to tell whether we are dealing with l7l o7 /anl. Sornetirnes, 3s in rnafiki, the is reclinirgt, the rnorphophonernic alternations of the word indicate that it was rnost like1y /rnVki/ . In other cases, e. g. ande, the isr, there are no such rnorphophonemic clues to go on, and I have thus zz had to rnake sorrre adrnittedly arbitrary decisions in this regard.

V + duti * tu ll . ll . ll ay + duxtu /iduxtu/ lf ryou Gl pI. kill / ll "V tyou are a + pastuki ll -+ lipastuki/ 'yo,, girl' 1,Zg-L4 sewr l4Z-4 153-15 47 ll toho ll . litoho I "y + t you fall' 153 -28 kahall * lit ahal 'yo* rnean' 156-13 "v + p1. walk' 151-11 ni tu . 30a ll "y + yrhi * tull - /il"r*t,"/ 'you pl. thought' ZgZa ll ll "V zo. ll "vll lleyll ' l_V /"v -y-iyl - tyt , xtiff . hi llsll . tyt , "V + andE hi nill , ' you are' ' tyou I /V"nda yo,, hi ni/ tZ5-L3 laugh' cryr greatly' 57 - 46 tyou arrived' ll , /ayih[ I ll ll I 'you fear 145 - 18 L77a 'yo,, shall be sor 56-4213 .

8) Gl 'you do not thinkr I60-11 XV#Cy + XCy This optional rule deals with final vowel deletion in cornpound s. ll it"+ totoll -+ll l,rtotoll . xkoni6ka I cake + pockall 52-? * bottler = 206a + roundr = 'fist' -> lcakpocka/ 'hand z60b Rule 10 often leads to sorne unexPected clusters: a. gerninate s: raxe ll e"epi + poxkall . ll -+ /ayappasl/ 'bald b. ll others harnrnert eagler 88 * round' = 93 -L93 reagle * head + white' -78 : ndesi + xidi ll . /"aesxidi/ tsnake * chiefr = rrattlesnaket 86 -23 ll = t"t "*ta * waxi ll .

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