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Quantity IV maintains the author's odyssey on l-D mobile automata as chronicled in Volumes I, II and III, via uncovering a singular quasi-ergodicity phenomenon related to orbits meandering between omega-limit orbits of advanced (group five) and hyper (group 6) Bernoulli ideas. This discovery is adorned with analytical formulation characterizing the fractal houses of attribute capabilities, in addition to specific formulation for producing colourful and pedagogically revealing isomorphic basin tree diagrams. Many new effects have been derived and proved through uncovering sophisticated symmetries endowed by means of a number of subsets of the 256 Boolean cubes. For the 1st time, rigorous analyses have been used to spot sixty seven, out off 256 , neighborhood principles whose asymptotic behaviors include strong period-l orbits. The spotlight of this carrying on with odyssey is the invention of an remoted period-3240 Isle of Eden hidden one of the dense omega-limit orbits of Wolfram's extraordinary "random quantity producing" rule 30. this is often the most important gem recognized to-date and readers are challenged to discover even greater ones.

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8(a). It is said to be Right-Permutive, iff the vertical symmetry plane is perpendicular to the paper, as depicted by the “pink ” plane in Fig. 8(b). It is said to be Bi-Permutive, iff it is both Left- and RightPermutive as depicted by the “green” and “pink ” vertical symmetry planes, respectively. A local rule N is said to be Permutive iff N is Left and/or Right-Permutive. An examination of the 256 Boolean cubes in Table 1 shows that there are only 16 Left-Permutive rules, 16 Right-Permutive rules, and 4 Bi-Permutive rules, as displayed in Tables 8–10, respectively.

Given any local rule N , the transformed rules N† T † (N ), N T (N ), and N ∗ T ∗ (N ) can be derived by inspection via the simple geometrical operations illustrated in Fig. 7. D Since no plane is needed for rules 0 and 255 , these two rules may be reclassified with a complexity index κ = 0. Except for rule “36” listed in Tables 4 and 8 of [Cattaneo & Quaranta Vogliotti, 1997], which we believe is a typo that should be rectified to rule 136, as correctly reported in Fig. 12 of the same paper. 8 There are some rules, however, where the local complementation T c (N ) coincides with the global complementation T (N ) to be defined below.

5. Superposition of local rules The eight Boolean cubes exhibited in Table 12 are independent in the sense that it is impossible to decompose any of them into the “union” of two or more simpler Boolean cubes by taking the logic “OR” operation between the colors of corresponding vertices, where “red ” is coded “1” and “blue” is coded “0”, respectively. 6. Rules with explicit period-1 and/or period-2 orbits Recall from Fig. 6 that among the 256 local rules, 69 are endowed with robust period-1 (attractor or Isleof-Eden) orbits, and another 25 rules are endowed with period-2 orbits.

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