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By Berhane K., Thomas D. C.

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2 and further ☎ 0 = 0, ☎ 1 = 2, ☎ 2 = 4 and ✆ = 1 (solid line). Shown in dash-dotted lines are also the three conditional densities of Y |G = (aa) (equals N (0, 1)), Y |G = (Aa) (equals N (2, 1)) and Y |G = (AA) (equals N (4, 1)). 04. two parents are founders and the two siblings nonfounders. 4? 13: Segregation of a biallelic marker in a family with two parents and two offspring. The probability for this pedigree to have the displayed marker genotypes is calculated in Example 19. 2. e. we condition on the value of the parents’ genotypes.

The parameter of interest is the recombination fraction θ. g. 5. The co-segregation of disease- and marker alleles in a pedigree can be summarized in the likelihood function which measures the support, given by the data, for different θ-values. 1 Analytical likelihood and lod score calculations In this section we define the basis for parametric linkage analysis, and to keep things mathematically tractable we deliberately make assumptions that may not always be 59 60 CHAPTER 4. PARAMETRIC LINKAGE ANALYSIS that realistic.

Xn ) falling into a small box with side lengths h1 , . . , hn and one corner at x = (x1 , . . , xn ), is approximately equal to the product of the side lengths times the product of the density functions of X 1 , . . , Xn evaluated at the points x1 , . . , xn . 3 Expectation, Variance and Covariance How do we define an expected value E(X ) of a random variable X ? Intuitively, it is the value obtained ’on average’ when we observe X . We can formalize this by repeating the experiment that lead to X independently many times; X 1 , .

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A two-stage model for multiple time series data of counts (2002)(en)(12s) by Berhane K., Thomas D. C.

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