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This publication by means of the overdue R D Mindlin is destined to develop into a vintage advent to the mathematical facets of two-dimensional theories of elastic plates. It systematically derives the two-dimensional theories of anisotropic elastic plates from the variational formula of the three-d conception of elasticity by means of energy sequence expansions. the individuality of two-dimensional difficulties is usually tested from the variational point of view. The accuracy of the two-dimensional equations is judged by way of evaluating the dispersion family of the waves that the two-dimensional theories can describe with prediction from the 3-dimensional idea. Discussing ordinarily high-frequency dynamic difficulties, it's also valuable in conventional purposes in structural engineering in addition to presents the theoretical starting place for acoustic wave units.

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081). , the wave is a shear wave, or equivoluminal wave. It may be verified that the dilatation is zero and the displacements satisfy the equations of motion. Solutions of the Three-Dimensional Equations WAVE NORMAL Fig. 081 Shear wave u'. yco%2Bx cosf(x, sin^ -x2 cos#, -v 2 t) (2 If #i=7r/4, T[2 vanishes throughout and, on x 2 =±b, T'12 = -Anycosy—(x, +b]yj2-v2t Now consider the wave u\ = -A cos 62 sin y{x{ sin 62 + x2 cos 62 - v2t) u'2' = A sin 02 sin y(xx sin 62 + x2 cos 62 - v2t) utt3=0 (2 40 Mathematical Theory of Vibrations of Elastic Plates This is another shear wave in the xi-x2-plane (see Fig.

It is this circumstance which has led to renewed interest in a method of approximation which is the subject of the remaining chapters. 02 Simple Thickness-Modes in an Infinite Plate The plate is bounded by the pair of parallel planes x2= + b which are termed "faces". Simple thickness-modes are defined as those modes of free vibration in which the faces are traction-free and the components of displacement are independent of the coordinates in the plane of the plate. 023) ax2 s3=o s6=^ 9x, A simple thickness-strain (as distinguished from a thickness-strain) is defined as one which is independent of the coordinates x\ andx 3 .

041). 046), with 0=35° 15'. 5%. 049). 064, c = c3 Thus, in the mode with the higher frequency, the thickness-stretch predominates; whereas, in the mode with the lower frequency, the thickness-shear predominates. The two mode shapes are illustrated in Solutions of the Three-Dimensional Equations 33 Fig. 041. J Jl\~ Fig. 041 Coupled thickness-stretch and x3-thickness-shear in a simple thickness-mode of a monoclinic plate. As noted above, thickness-stretch odd in JC2 couples only with thickness-shear odd in x2.

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