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By B.D. Popovic, etc., M.B. Dragovic, A.R. Djordjevic

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9) . 9) is valid practically along the whole antenna. , Ei (z) 2 = (2. 26), the Hallen equation reads: z2 I I(z') g(r) dz' + + c1 coskz c2 sinkz = 2~~)1 sinkJzl z1 (asymmetrically driven antenna at z =0). 0 If the antenna is symmetrically driven and z =-h and z =h. 11) 2h, we have in this case, because of symmetry. h I I(z') g(r) dz' + c 1 coskz = -h 2 ~~)1 sinkJzJ (symmetrically driven antenna at z =0). 0 (2. 12) have been used extensively for analysis of cylindrical antennas. It is interesting these equations physically cannot have a solution.

Thus eqn. l. Determination of current distribution n I [z'i + i(i-1) z' (i-2) )g(r) dz' - _i_ z' (i-1) g(r) k2 i=2 c1 the points tions next along in E. c2 k cos kz' + ksin kz' As I k2 ~z jW\1 step we require that this equation be the antenna, which results (n+1) unknown complex in parameters ( l. 31) satisfied at (n-1) (n-1) complex linear equa- c1 , c2 , I , ... ,In. 2 Two ad- ditional equations are obtained requiring that ( l. 30) is particularly useful when considering relatively long antennas (longer than about case the current distribution is well tric terms with a one wavelength).

2). 1 (the fields outside S in the two cases are identical), and is very nearly equal to V , since g is small and thus the field essentially quasi-static. 1 (they differ the current for case as the ratio the antenna surface for z=O. I This current of the ideal voltage generator in Fig. g the displacement current in the antenna admittances as Y=I/V, where I is the the gap). Therefore defined for the systems in Figs. 1 and 2. 2. 27 Delta-function generator are not equal. If in Fig. 2. 2 we let the \vid th d tend to zero, the surface magnetic- current layer degenerates into an infinitesimally thin magnetic-current ring of surface current Jms(z)=Vo(z), the total current of the ring being Im =V.

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