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Selection of following artciles from the magazine Asian Affairs released by means of Routledge:

1. Afghan-Pakistan border disputes
2. Bangladesh Land and Water
three. British cemeteries in South Asia
four. British consuls in Kashgar
five. British India's casual Empire and Spheres of impact in Asia and Africa
6. via land from Gilgit to Hong Kong
7. Eric Newby, the Hindu Kush and the Ganges
eight. Francis Younghusband and the nice game
nine. India and the Himalayan states
10. Karakoram and Hunza
eleven. Kashmir a story of 2 valleys
12. misplaced chance The Alaska-Siberia tunnel
thirteen. Memsahibs in Persia
14. difficulties of pastoralism within the Afghan Pamirs
15. Russian Railway Penetration in significant Asia
sixteen. Siberia's Lake Baikal
17. Strategic Railways at the Border of British India
18. The Durand Line
19. The Indus - life-blood of Pakistan
20. The Mysteries of the Gobi Desert
21. The Shanghai Co-Operation Organisation
22. The Sikhs ahead of and after Indian independence
23. the incomplete schedule of the partition
24. what's Taiwan to China

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See YAMAGUCHI SEISHI. SEIUN (dates and details unknown). SEKITEI. See HARA SEKITEI. SENGAI GIBON (1750–1837). A Zen master from Kyushu, Sengai became beloved for his paintings, which often show his delightful sense of humor. ). A poet and doctor in Ōmi (present-day Shiga Prefecture) area, Shadō studied haiku under Bashō and participated in Bashō’s haiku-composing gatherings. He published one of Bashō’s well-known anthologies, Hisago (Gourd). SHIGEYORI (1602–80). Born in Matsue, Shigeyori lived most of his life in Kyoto.

Active 1781–88), Music from Gahon Kochōzu Gahi (1805) 15. YAMAGUCHI SOKEN (1759–1818), Planting from Yamato Jinbutsu Gafu Kōhen (1804) 16. YAMAGUCHI SOKEN (1759–1818), Woodcutter from Yamato Jinbutsu Gafu Kōhen (1804) 17. ANONYMOUS, Fox-Monk from Toba-e Ōgi no Mato (1720) 18. ), Crow from Kingyoku Gafu (1771) 19. IKE TAIGA (1723–76), Boating from Taiga/I Fukyō Gafu (1803) 20. IKE TAIGA (1723–76), Willows from Meika Gafu (1814) Excerpt from Cold Mountain Poems by Han Shan, edited and translated by J.

SUGITA HISA-JO (1890–1946). A poet in the coterie of Takahama Kyoshi, Sugita Hisa-jo married a painter. Her haiku style has a rich romantic flavor. TAIGI (1709–71). Born in Edo (Tokyo), Taigi moved to the entertainment district of Kyoto, where he became associated with Buson. He is known for his haiku on human affairs. TAKAHAMA KYOSHI (1874–1959). Kyoshi was one of the masters of the haiku tradition in the late Meiji, Taishō, and early Shōwa periods. The name Kyoshi was given him by Masaoka Shiki.

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