It is a remarkably cautious examine of a bit recognized Tibetan coming-of-age ritual as nonetheless practiced in rural Amdo, Qinghai Province, China. Structural research is complemented through a case learn according to observations, interviews, recordings, and genuine folklore fabric within the unique language. images, tables, and a word list entire the paintings. this can be box anthropology at its best.
--Juha Janhunen, Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, collage of Helsinki

The achievements of this e-book are many: it's analytically rigorous, wealthy in contextualized element, and engaging in subject material. The authors' varied backgrounds and strengths are manifested all through this really collaborative paintings which follows an enormous ceremony of passage within the lifetime of a 13 year-old Tibetan lady. For all students of Tibetan tradition and society, and for any scholar of ethnography attracted to studying find out how to completely record a ritual, this publication can be of significant curiosity and lasting use.
--Mark Turin Director, electronic Himalaya venture & global Oral Literature undertaking, college of Cambridge

This is a vital contribution to Tibetan ethnography. The research relies on cautious fieldwork, research, creation, and translation of proper myths and literary compositions, and accomplished description of middle elements of Tibetan group lifestyles. the price of the paintings is that the learn of a distinctively Tibetan women's ritual is adequately and completely offered in its personal context. it's a designated list of an endangered tradition.
--Paul ok Nietupski, John Carroll University

This examine has nice price in analyzing intimately the coming-of-age ritual of women in one Tibetan village, therefore supplying a window in which to raised view and comprehend community-based existence, that is quickly to alter within the face of China-wide modernization.
--Huadan Zhaxi, Humbolt college

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Villagers present gifts after the 'grul ba, which are mostly cash (around fifteen RMB). Their gifts are of less value than other guests. The family asks someone to record the gifts that guests brought in a notebook. Guests are Offered Food After the completion of gift-giving, the helpers serve another meal to all the guests. The A zhang are served first. The two males responsible for welcoming guests to the meal room invite all the A zhang to the meal room, where other helpers enthusiastically offer tea and food.

Helpers Make Orations to the Sngags pa, Hairdresser, and Village Women, While Presenting Gifts to Them Songs of reward are sung to village women and the sngags pa. After the meal, two men from the sha nye give orations to the sngags pa, hairdresser, and the village females, •49• praising them. The men say that the sngags pa did his best in chanting Buddhist scriptures and blessing the girl, the hairdresser did her best in making the girl's hair, and the village females worked very hard to connect the skra lung to the girl's braids and to sing the hair song and that therefore, they are all very important for the party.

Asking a favor repeatedly keeps (it) from being granted. 1 17 མ་ ནི ་མོ་ཆེ་ལ་ ར་ཉོན་ད།། ག ་ ག་དཀར་ ་སའི་ཁྲོམ་ན་ཡོད།། 3 འགུག་གོ་(འགེལ་དགོས)་ཟེར་ནི་མ་ཟིག་ཡོད།། 4 འགུག་གི་འགྱོ་ནི་ཕ་ཟིག་ཡོད།། 5 འགུག་གོ་ཆོད་ནས་ ་ཟིག་ཡོད།། 6 ག ་ ག་དཀར་ཟིག་གི་རེ་བ་ཡོད།། 7 ད་ཐེངས་མ་གཏོགས་མི་རེ་གི། 8 ཡང་ཡང་རེ་ན་མི་ ེར་གི། 2 1 May I have your attention, please? My gracious mother! White turquoise is on sale in Lhasa's streets. 3 There is a mother who proposed to (buy and) load it. 4 There is a father who goes to (buy and) load it.

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