Astrology: Your Place Among the Stars. by Evangeline Smith Adams PDF

By Evangeline Smith Adams

ISBN-10: 0440004284

ISBN-13: 9780440004288

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The native is easily aroused to anger, and makes a most dangerous enemy, for he cannot be trusted to fight fair, as with Leo, but will take any means in his power to injure his antagonist; nor is he held back by any feeling of pity, but will go on to the bitter end. Occasionally, this is so pronounced as to cause actual defect in the fighting quality. But it is doubtful if any sign in the Zodiac illustrates so markedly the contrast between the spiritually awakened soul and its opposite. Crafty and cunning, with intense passions and jealousies and with a wreak insatiable revenges, the Scorpio native becomes, under higher impulses, indefatigable in his desire to help mankind, and his coldness and insensibility to the sufferings of vindictiveness which will others is transmuted into devotion and self-sacrifice.

One should listen to the Inner promptings, make only necessary decisions, and, when order is again established, a higher plane of consciousness will be reached and It will be possible to use the added power with increased intelligence. Consequently, one should have no fear of any change or experience which comes about naturally during an affliction of Uranus to the Sun. To unmarried women, It often brings temptation, either from married men or from those who are utterly unworthy* It is not a favorable vibration under which to become engaged or to marry.

What he says comes true, but often only after many vicissitudes. He judges on first principles and bed-rock judgment facts, may and the often be influence of these, though always finally determinative, masked for a time by all kinds of accidents. To the SUN IN AQUARIUS g9 average mind, therefore, the Aquarian often appears a dreamer, for he lays his plans so far ahead that he himself may never live to see them executed. Perhaps the most notable figure whose Sun is in Aquarius is Abraham Lincoln; other examples are found in Ruskin, Byron, Havelock A Ellis, and Adelina Patti.

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Astrology: Your Place Among the Stars. by Evangeline Smith Adams

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