Augustine in Carthage: And Other Poems (Misfits) by Alessandro Porco PDF

By Alessandro Porco

ISBN-10: 1550228188

ISBN-13: 9781550228182

Both crude and fascinating, locker-room macho and delicate, those poems are consistently singularly marked via formal ingenuity and stylistic ?lan. A deeply felt and unique collection, this paintings is aware that (as its epigraph, within the phrases of Diderot, insists) “there is slightly testicle on the backside of our so much elegant emotions and our purest tenderness.”

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Bob Alan Deal I – The Grapes of Susan Squeezed like a Fender fret-board — mom, dad, Baby Susan — we packed the ’59 Ford and drove Across country, an Exodus to Garden Grove (CA). I was five. The Surfaris, The Ventures, Dick Dale — Surf-rock ruled the air- and ocean-waves, its loud Tremolo ro-rolling like the tide; orange trees Lined city streets, conduit fruits for surf-sound Reverb squeezed-out like rhino-chasers to Hawaii. The weather was just about perfect for “Bird” — Our pet name for Susan — whose young lung Collapsed at birth — that’s why we said so long To Huntington (IN), as per the Doctor’s order: The arid climate, he said, would help her survive; As for me, I strapped on a guitar for dear life.

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