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By Sten Odenwald

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The main sought-after "answer guy" for astronomy takes us on an all-new day trip to the regularly intriguing, usually sobering, international of the deep cosmos looking for solutions to renowned questions.How quickly does gravity go back and forth? whilst will the solar move nova? Who invented the sunshine yr? can we ever shuttle to the celebrities? those are only the various strange and well known questions NASA astronomer Sten Odenwald solutions in Back to the Astronomy Café, in line with his award-winning web site "for the astronomically disadvantaged."Since his acclaimed prior e-book The Astronomy Café released in 1998, the gap group has been grew to become on its head with totally new discoveries: ion propulsion, darkish subject, gravity and magnetic reversals, the Cosmic darkish a while, and over a hundred new planets. within the all-new Back to the Astronomy Café, Odenwald solutions the most recent and most-asked questions in terms of those contemporary discoveries. His hugely own and authoritative type makes figuring out the cosmos much less intimidating, interesting, and fun.Since he opened his web site "The Astronomy Café" in 1995, Odenwald has responded over 50,000 e-mailed questions. His person solutions were downloaded over 7.5 million occasions, making him the main sought-after "answer guy" for astronomy in human history.
__________Автор, признанный авторитет в области космоса, предлагает читателю совершить экскурсию в волнующий мир дальнего космоса в поисках ответов на распространённые вопросы. С момента выхода в свет нашумевшей книги "Астрономическое кафе" в 1998 году космическое сообщество было поставлено с ног на голову совершенно новыми открытиями: ионным двигателем, темной материей, гравитационными и магнитными инверсиями, космическими "тёмными веками" и более a hundred новых планет. В своей новой книге "Обратно в астрономическое кафе" автор отвечает на последние и наиболее часто задаваемые вопросы, связанные с этими недавними открытиями. Его крайне доверительный и уверенный стиль делает понимание космоса менее пугающим и более захватывающим и весёлым.

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Today, the universe continues to expand, and it is still connected to this vaster plenum "way out there" that emerged from the big bang, which is stupendously huge but whose limits we have no real way of determining. Our part of the universe is that region that inflated way back at 10-35 seconds, and today, compared to the size of the visible universe (13 billion light years in radius), this larger region could be 1050 or 10100 times bigger. The universe is expanding because the underlying, even vaster plenum is still expanding.

Our Moon is a part of our familiar celestial backyard. It has even known the footsteps of humanity on its asphalt-dark surface. We have driven our awkward-looking cars across its hills, searching for ancient rocks. We have known, firsthand, the human dimensions of its craters. And despite the gloomy fiscal outlook, we have to hope that we will return to it someday and again watch Earth rise in its starry skies. 5 degrees, ever changed? 5 degrees to its orbit. For generations, teachers and scientists have dutifully noted this number.

To do this in the modern arena of quantum field theory, we have to start at the bottom. We have to propose a new carrier for forces whose properties are "opposite" to the hypothetical graviton. Particles with a quantum spin of zero produce vacuum forces that are repulsive. These are the particles that are candidates for dark energy, which we have ruled out as a genuine anti-gravity force. The only other hypothetical particle that would produce a genuine repulsive gravity-like force is the gravitino.

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