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By Cecile Hardy

A ebook for a drawing ladies determine.

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The past, the future, and the now of separate individuals differ in extent and in content just as their lives do, yet these separate individuals can all meet in the protopresent to sort out their commonalities and differences. The proto-present is apparently the same for all of them, and the same, as nearly as we can judge from our encounters with them, for bats (whatever it’s like to be a bat in other respects), centipedes, and chihuahuas. About grass and trees it’s harder to say. The proto-present appears to be a level on which we can always find one another; on which, in fact we can never escape each other.

The richer and more extended the present of an organism’s past, the richer its options for constructing the present of the future, and consequently the more complexly defined the now at the center of the scheme and the more charged and momentous its quality. The defining terms for any now are data from the past, together with needs and expectations, including fears for the future. Alzheimer’s disease bleakly demonstrates the dependence of the now on the past. [4] The Now and The Past An inclusive definition of the living past is: everything the organism brings to the present, including its body, its habits and its knowledge.

Perhaps the Parisian musical community of 1778 regarded “le premier coup d’archet” as uplifting evidence of discipline. But we laugh at unplanned instances or even regard them with superstitious apprehension: think of the children’s cry “jinx” when two of them say the same thing together. Choosing to do the same thing at the same time acts as an affirmation of an underlying unanimity of interests among those acting in this way, stabilizing their collective identity in the midst of change. Nature provides many examples: the synchronously chirping crickets, croaking frogs, flash- i.

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