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By Norman W. Schur, Richard Ehrlich, Eugene H. Ehrlich, Eugene H. Ehrlich

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A carefully researched, wickedly witty, and eminently valuable choice of over 5,000 Briticisms (and Americanisms).

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Stupefy; muddle 2. ’ The context of intoxicating liquor is absent in the British usage. bespoke, adj. made to order; custom made Used in the phrases bespoke clothes, bespoke tailor, etc. best see comment Short for best bitter, the order you give in a pub when you want the best beer in the house. (the) best of British luck! Inf. lotsa luck! Inf. Said with heavy irony and implying very bad times ahead indeed. best offer at the market When you want to tell your stockbroker to sell at the market in England, you tell him to sell best offer.

The bowler (from the verb bowl) has approximately the same relationship to cricket as the pitcher has to baseball. He bowls, over-arm, rather than pitches, side-arm. bowler-hatted, adj. back in civies Slang. To be bowler-hatted is to be retired early from military service with a bonus for retiring. A bowler, of course, is a hallmark of civilian attire. See also demob. bowls, n. pl. lawn bowling A bowl (in the singular) in sports is a wooden ball not exactly spherical, or eccentrically weighted if spherical, so that it can be made to curve when rolling.

See comment Inf. The literal use of this word in Britain is the same as the American an uncouth person. Figuratively, a peer who rarely, if ever, attends meetings of the House of Lords. bad hat, Inf. ’ 18 Inf. bad egg bakehouse 19 bad patch Inf. rough time Inf. When things are not going well with someone, the British say that he is in or going through a bad patch; in America he would be described as having a rough time (of it). For other idiomatic uses of patch, see patch and not a patch on. bad show!

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