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By André Delachet

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That is how people see it.  . I have reached an advanced age [Bonis was then thirty-­one], and if my exile should last any ­longer, I would be forced to renounce my profession.  . It is impossible for me to pay my room and board.  . 3 Among the many disastrous consequences of imprisonment in the Bastille, one should include damage to a prisoner’s prospects on the marriage market. In the end, Bonis got a wife and Sigorgne got an abbey. But the Bastille had a devastating effect on the Fourteen, and they probably never comprehended what the “affair” was all about.

Not one of the other suspects had hesitated to reveal his sources, thanks in part to a technique used in the interrogations: the police warned the prisoners that anyone who could not say where he had received a poem would be suspected of composing it himself—and punished accordingly. Guyard and Baussancourt had already testified that Sigorgne had dictated two of the poems to them from memory on different occasions. One, poem 2, “Quel est le triste sort des malheureux Français” (“What is the sad lot of the unfortunate French”), had eighty lines; the other, poem 5, “Sans crime on peut trahir sa foi” (“Without [committing] a crime, one can betray one’s faith”), had ten lines.

10 Tendentious as it is, this de­scrip­tion shows how the court could inject messages into a communication circuit, and ex- ideological danger? 29 tract them too. That it worked both ways, encoding and decoding, is con­firmed by a remark in the journal of the marquis d’Argenson, brother of the minister. On February 27, 1749, he noted that some courtiers had reproached Berryer, the lieutenant general of police, for failing to find the source of the poems that vilified the king. What was the matter with him?

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