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Under the second assumption we add in the variation within each group to get the formula V ar(y) = 1 n J nj × (mj − y¯)2 + nj × j=1 Rj2 12 , where Rj is the upper boundary minus the lower boundary for the j th group. Standard Deviation: Advantages and Disadvantages The standard deviation is the square root of the variance. n sd(y) = 1 × (yi − y¯)2 . n i=1 Engineers refer to it as the RMS, root mean square. It is not as affected by outliers as variance, but still quite affected. It inherits good mathematical properties and good combining properties from the variance.

Example 3 Between 1879 and 1882 scientists were devising experiments for determining the speed of light. 3 contains measurements collected by Michelson in a series of experiments on the speed of light. 3 Michelson’s speed of light measurements. Value in table plus 2999000km/s. 6 Dotplots of Michelsons speed of light measurements. made in 1879, and the next 23 supplementary measurements were made in 1882. The experiment and the data are described in Stigler (1977). 6 shows stacked dotplots for the two data sets.

1 shows a collection of experimental units. The degree of shading shows they are not the same with respect to some unidentified variable. The response variable in the experiment may depend on that unidentified variable, which could be a lurking variable in the experiment. Observational Study If we record the data on a group of subjects that decided to take the herbal medicine and compared that with data from a control group who did not, that would be an observational study. The treatments have not been randomly assigned to treatment and control group.

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