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By Hugo De Burgh

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China is determined to turn into the world's subsequent superpower. may still the USA have a good time - or be afraid? China: pal or Foe? bargains with important questions: who're China's power-players? Will the chinese language financial system bring up alternate or kill off our livelihoods? How is China utilizing its political and cultural impression? available and hard-hitting, China: good friend or Foe? is going past borders and stereotypes to provide an explanation for what China capability to the United States and the West at huge.

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8 Moreover, experts consider both that the gap between its capabilities and those of the US have gone on widening because of the Chinese problem of bureaucracy and the US technological lead,9 and that there are institutional and cultural barriers to greater progress. Nevertheless, the USA takes China’s military modernisation seriously. One camp believes that Chinese suspicion and hostility can be contained or reduced by openness, exchanges and dialogue. The other, epitomised by Secretary Rumsfeld, points to the 45 China doc 4/4/06 10:56 am Page 46 CHINA: FRIEND OR FOE?

A system of thought reform by which individuals were bullied and tortured into recreating their own identities to conform with his ideas. His biggest experiment was the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, when he called upon the young and the poor to extirpate old culture and elitism, or at least that was the reason he gave for commanding an assault upon those in positions of responsibility. Although technically not in government, his prestige was such that he was able to mobilise millions of disaffected youth to assault the older generation, burn books, wreck museums and old buildings and beat up those in authority.

Yet it can be argued that communism was a product of Russian ambitions to exert power in Asia. Russia after the 1917 Revolution first invested in the Nationalist Party of Sun Yatsen, ‘the father of the Chinese Republic’, providing its Bolshevik structure and influencing its anti-imperialist policies. It then agreed to support the CCP as a ‘party within a party’, and kept such tight control over it that it can rightly be blamed for the disasters which beset the CCP’s early years. Mao Zedong broke away from the Soviet-inspired policy and attempted rural revolution, taking advantage of peasant poverty and discontent to establish his power first in the South and then, in the 1940s, in the North West.

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