Critical Citizens: Global Support for Democratic Government by Pippa Norris PDF

By Pippa Norris

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This stimulating booklet brings jointly a special crew of overseas students who enhance an international research of matters that examine tendencies in confirmed and more moderen democracies as we strategy the top of the 20 th century. It additionally provides the 1st result of the 1995-7 international Values research in addition to drawing on an in depth variety of comparative empirical evidence.

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Both Holmberg and Dalton stress that the role of parties may be regarded as particularly critical linkage mechanisms, especially in theories of responsible party government. The most plausible explanations here focus on the lack of accountability of political leaders in countries with either predominant one-party governments, or semi-permanent coalitions, or divided governments. Under such systems it is extremely difficult for citizens to use elections as an opportunity to ‘kick the rascals out’, if dissatisfied with government performance (Powell 1989).

It emphasizes evaluations of the office of the presidency, parliament, and politicians/MPs in general, for example, not the performance of particular leaders or representatives. Studies have commonly confirmed a significant gap between trust in institutions like the US Congress and trust in particular members (Parker and Parker 1993). The most striking finding to emerge from this comparison, and the most convincing evidence supporting the malaise thesis, is the declining support for public institutions demonstrated in many of the chapters.

Democracies lacking such a foundation of legitimacy are at risk. Political systems, and in particular democracies, that are ineffective in meeting public expectations over long periods of time can lose their legitimacy, with consequent danger to the regime. As broad theoretical assertions, at a high level of abstraction, this chain of reasoning is largely accepted by systems analysts and democratic theorists alike. But operationalization and measurement of concepts, as well as sufficient historical MAPPING POLITICAL SUPPORT IN THE 1990S 33 and comparative data to test the key linkages, have proved largely elusive.

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Critical Citizens: Global Support for Democratic Government by Pippa Norris

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