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By Kitahara Ryutaro, Christopher Ives, Tokiwa Gishin, Yanagida Seizan, Abe Masao

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Linji, on the other hand, transcends history and creates history. The majority of religions have already turned into “things,” and for this reason the meaning of Linji’s “on meeting a buddha, slay the xlvi Introduction buddha” is especially important. 41 This interpretation is the epitome of being taken in by others, for he has set forth an outrageous misunderstanding. Linji is telling us to slay the buddhas and founding teachers to which we are attached, not to stop being attached to them. And he is not saying that the Five Grave Sins – killing one’s father, killing one’s mother, injuring the body of a buddha, killing an arhat, and causing disunity in the sangha – are somehow expatiated and purified by Zen samadhi.

Introduction xxxvii In 1942, the second year of students’ departure for the front, I left school. For a year I lived in a mountain monastery, listening to further teisho- on the Record. In accordance with the Non-Military Personnel Service Law I returned to school as a drafted student-worker, but after becoming ill I had to quit both school and work. At that point I started - at Otani University studying True Pure Land Buddhism (Jodo-shinsh u) - Eventually, Japan’s and became familiar with Shinran’s Kyogyo-shinsho.

Of course, this goes without saying. But I did not engage in scholarship with this intention. Scholarship was neither my ultimate goal nor my original interest, for I was staking my life on a problem. - oj - o- 22 after the war, what Hisamatsu wrote When I joined the Gakudo-d here became a crucial matter for me. Though at Rinzai Gakuin Senmon Gakko- I had heard about Hisamatsu and read his Eastern Nothingness, at that time his existence was distant from mine; despite the fact that I myself was being called into question by what he had written, I had failed to notice.

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