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By Henry James

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This variation is written in English. although, there's a operating Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of versions of Daisy Miller. This variation will be worthwhile should you might li

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It is really too dreadful,” she said. “That girl must not do this sort of thing. She must not walk here with you two men. ” Winterbourne raised his eyebrows. ” “She is very innocent,” said Winterbourne. ” cried Mrs. Walker. “Did you ever see anything so imbecile as her mother? After you had all left me just now, I could not sit still for thinking of it. It seemed too pitiful, not even to attempt to save her. I ordered the carriage and put on my bonnet, and came here as quickly as possible. ” asked Winterbourne, smiling.

Rug: 깔개, 양탄자, 무릎덮개, 융단, 까는 모피, 무릎 덮개, 바닥의 깔개. salute: 경례, 인사, 예포, 비치다, 받들어 총, 경례하다, 들리다, 들어오다, 에게 인사하다, 에게 경례하다, 시합전의 예의를 표하다. tuck: 걷어 올리다, 정력, 싸다, 잔뜩 멀다, 징그기, 먹을 것, 밀어넣다, 기력, 틀어박다, 말다, 과자. whereupon: 그래서, 거기서, 그 때문에, 무엇 위에, 그 위에. 44 Daisy Miller would say something rather free, something to commit herself still further to that “recklessness” from which Mrs. Walker had so charitably endeavored to dissuade her. But she only shook his hand, hardly looking at him, while Mr. % Winterbourne was not in the best possible humor as he took his seat in Mrs.

She burst into her little laugh. “Are you afraid you’ll get lost—or run over? But there’s Giovanelli, leaning against that tree. ” Winterbourne perceived at some distance a little man standing with folded arms nursing his cane. He had a handsome face, an artfully poised hat, a glass in one eye, and a nosegay in his buttonhole. ” “Do I mean to speak to him? ” Daisy stopped and looked at him, without a sign of troubled consciousness in her face, with nothing but the presence of her charming eyes and her happy dimples.

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