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By Mohsen Manutchehr-Danai

ISBN-10: 3540727957

ISBN-13: 9783540727958

This quantity bargains a one-stop connection with any topic facing gemstones, gemology, jewellery and comparable sciences. This revised and multiplied moment comprises approximately 25,000 entries, a few 9,000 greater than the 1st version, that are now complemented by way of greater than 1,500 charts, diagrams and figures. It offers encyclopedic insurance of phrases, concepts, humans, laboratories, acronyms and locations on the topic of gemstones and gemology.

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Alpha zircon is the only type of zircon, which used in jewelry. Also called high zircon. ® Low zircon, zircon. alpine cleft; a name used for the cave features in the rock of European Alpine where the rocks are folded and distorted by movement of the earth’s crust, in which several fine minerals are found. alpine diamond; an incorrect name for pyrite, from the Alpine. alshedite; a variety of titanite, or sphene, containing yttrium. Named after the parish of Alsheda in Sweden. alstonite; synonym for bromlite.

Cut as faceted gems, when translucent. Variety known as chiastolite, which exhibits cruciform pattern of carbonaceous impurities, when viewed in cross section. Also called viridine and sometimes named as hard spar. System: orthorhombic. Formula: 4[Al2SiO5]. Luster: vitreous to subvitreous. Colors: usually pink, reddish-brown, rose red, rose whitish, grayish, yellowish-white, violet. Streak: white, colorless. Diaphaneity: transparent to nearly opaque. Fracture: uneven to subconchoidal. Brittle. Cleavage: {110} distinct, {1ī0} vary, {100} indistinct.

A commercial term for blue sodalite, from Bancroft, Canada. An ornamental stone, also called princess blue. Used for ornamental objects. alowalt; trade name for fused aluminum oxide (Al2O3). aloxite; a commercial term for an abrasive material made of synthetically produced aluminum oxide, or artificial corundum (Al2O3) powder. alpha amyrine; a major part of resin obtained from species of angiosperms, a kind of flowering plant. alpha chalcosite; same as digenite. alpha decay; spontaneous radioactive disintegration of an unstable atomic nuclei or change of one nucleid into one or more different isotopes by the emission of an atomic particle.

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