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Eventually - transparent and understandable Definitions of all of the Networking Acronyms, phrases, and Abbreviations you want to KnowThe Dictionary of Networking is a hugely readable, authoritative consultant to the vast - and sometimes bewildering - terminology of community computing. This thoroughly up to date, accelerated 3rd variation spans all elements of networking and software program - from peer-to-peer networks to firm huge quarter networks (WANs), the net, and internetworking - and covers each significant community working method. subject matters include:* Certification courses* Communications* criteria* the net and intranets* LANs, MANs, WANs* cellular and instant computing* community management* Networking idea and ideas* working platforms and environments* computing device and server undefined* Protocols* safety* Slang* Voice and information transmissionsThis e-book includes greater than 3,000 entries. Abbreviations and acronyms are cross-referenced to their definitions, and plenty of entries contain extra cross-references to comparable entries. you will find transparent, concise definitions, acronyms and abbreviations outlined in context.

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2. An option available in a Web browser that lets you mark a Web page so that you can identify and return to a favorite site quickly and easily without having to retype the URL or even remember how you got there. Boolean Any variable that can have a logical value of true or false. Named after George Boole, the developer of a branch of algebra based on the values of true and false, Boolean works with logical rather than numeric relationships. Boolean operators include AND (logical conjunction), OR (logical inclusion), XOR (exclusive or), and NOT (logical negation) and are sometimes described as logical operators.

Many popular Internet search engines allow Boolean searches. See also search engine. boot To load an operating system into memory, usually from a hard disk, although occasionally from a floppy disk. Booting is generally an automatic procedure that begins when you turn on or reset your computer. A set of instructions contained in ROM begins executing. The instructions run a series of power-on self tests (POSTs) to check that devices such as hard disks are in working order, locate and load the operating system, and finally pass control over to that operating system.

VINES offers special support for very large LANs and WANs with multiple file servers. VINES also allows PCs that support multiple processors to use multiprocessing to divide the file-server processing load. See also Enterprise Network Services; StreetTalk. , Alameda, CA. com 2461book Page 41 Thursday, May 4, 2000 11:59 AM Basic Rate ISDN base 10 radix See decimal. base64 An encoding scheme used by MIME-compliant mail systems to convert binary files into a text format that can be processed and sent as e-mail.

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