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By Donald J. Borror

One of many extraordinary difficulties of the biologist, even if he be starting scholar or experts, is that of figuring out technical phrases. how you can comprehend and be mindful technical phrases is to appreciate first their part elements, or roots. This dictionary has been designed basically to satisfy the wishes of the start pupil, the clinical scholar, and the taxonomist, however it could be of worth to all biologists.

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Now what if, after all these propositions were Korean boldly: 대담하게, 뻔뻔스럽게, 뚜렷이. dispense: 조제하다, 특면하다, 면제하다, 분배하다, 실시하다, 시여 하다, 분배 하다. disputable: 논의의 여지가 있는, 의심스러운, 논쟁의 여지가 있는, 의문의 여지가 있는. excepting: 말고는, 을 제외하면, 을 빼고, -을 빼고, 을 제외하고. expound: 설명하다, 상술하다, 상세히 설명하다. modesty: 겸양, 수줍음, 정숙, 잴 수 있는곳, 거창하게 들리는, 조심스러움, 겸손. 소리를 내는, 울려 퍼지는, 측심, prerogative: 특권, 대권, 영국의 국왕 조사, 측연이 미치는 측정 범위, 수심 대권, 우선 투표권, 특권을 소유하는, 측량, 소리나는. 국왕 대권. transgress: 죄를 범하다, 의 한계를 riches: 부, 많음, 재물, 재보, 재산, 넘다, 법률을 범하다, 범하다, 어기다, 풍부.

Thomas More 33 "Though, %to speak plainly my real sentiments, I must freely own that as long as there is any property, and while money is the standard of all other things, I cannot think that a nation can be governed either justly or happily: not justly, because the best things will fall to the share of the worst men; nor happily, because all things will be divided among a few (and even these are not in all respects happy), the rest being left to be absolutely miserable. Therefore, when I reflect on the wise and good constitution of the Utopians, among whom all things are so well governed and with so few laws, where virtue hath its due reward, and yet there is such an equality that every man lives in plenty-- when I compare with them so many other nations that are still making new laws, and yet can never bring their constitution to a right regulation; where, notwithstanding every one has his property, yet all the laws that they can invent have not the power either to obtain or preserve it, or even to enable men certainly to distinguish what is their own from what is another's, of which the many lawsuits that every day break out, and are eternally depending, give too plain a demonstration--when, I say, I balance all these things in my thoughts, I grow more favourable to Plato, and do not wonder that he resolved not to make any laws for such as would not submit to a community of all things; for so wise a man could not but foresee that the setting all upon a level was the only way to make a nation happy; which cannot be obtained so long as there is property, for when every man draws to himself all that he can compass, by one title or another, it must needs follow that, how plentiful soever a nation may be, yet a few dividing the wealth of it among themselves, the rest must fall into indigence.

Hew: 찍어 넘기다, 자르다, 잘라 만들다, 베어 만들다, 치다, 찍다. infinite: 무한의, 막대한, 끝없는, 무한대, 부정의, 부정형의, 무한한 공간, 무한량, 완전무결한, 무한, 무수한. liquorice: 감초. mettle: 용기, 기질, 정열, 성질, 열정, 성미. multitude: 다수, 군중. overplus: 이분, 여분. oxen: 소의 복수형. perry: 배로 빚은 줄, 페리주, 페리. shifting: 이동하는, 바뀌는, 속임수, 협잡의, 이동, 수책을 부리는, 술책을 부리는. sow: 암퇘지, 뿌리다, 에 씨를 뿌리다, 퍼뜨리다, 흩 뿌리다, 씨를 뿌리다, 의 원인을 뿌리다, 선철이 흐르는 길, 의 씨를 뿌리다, 쥐며느리, 원인을 뿌리다. tract: 소책자, 팜플렛, 지역, 관, 넓이, 기간, 계통, 넓은 땅, 소논문, 다발, 넓은 면적. 40 Utopia reaping the harvest; and the number commonly despatch it all in one day.

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