Luck Egalitarianism: Equality, Responsibility, and Justice - download pdf or read online

By Carl Knight

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"Responsibility-sensitive" bills of distributive justice were a remarkable fresh improvement in political conception, and success egalitarianism has turn into the default place between such philosophers as Ronald Dworkin, G. A. Cohen, and Richard Arneson. This ebook outlines the foremost problems with success egalitarianism and considers either the positions of its proponents and its best critics (Elizabeth Anderson, Susan Hurley, and Samuel Scheffler).

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Many people are left with a disadvantage for which they are in no way responsible; hence resources are not equalized. 31 luck egalitarianism 7. 84 Consider three defences of this inconsistency. 86 That is, ‘the appropriate [that is, synchronic, ex ante] version’ of the envy test ‘requires not . . 87 Positioning people equally only with respect to risk is, on Dworkin’s account of responsibility, fair enough where running the risk is a matter of choice and option luck. But where the risk is a matter of circumstance and brute luck, with the opportunity to insure being hypothetical, this strategy leaves the distribution partially sensitive to circumstance and brute luck.

6 Equal opportunity for welfare in the extended sense requires either that options are effectively equivalent, or that they are non-equivalent as a result of differences in voluntary choices. Arneson comments that, ‘[w]hen persons enjoy equal opportunity for welfare in the extended sense, any actual inequality of welfare in the positions they reach is due to factors that lie within each individual’s control’, and concludes that this makes ‘any such inequality . . 7 This establishes the centrality of 5 for equal opportunity for welfare’s treatment of the steak and hamburger case: the presence or absence of deliberate 45 luck egalitarianism cultivation of taste is pivotal, because an inequality resulting from an expensive taste may be consistent with equal opportunity for welfare in the most important extended sense (all following references to equal opportunity for welfare are to the extended sense).

In the Fred and Paul example mentioned earlier, Paul’s compensation is conditional on his willingness to exchange both resources (where Fred’s are greater) and tastes in pastime. ) In other words, Paul must be willing to have his taste in photography removed and replaced with a taste in fishing. 35 luck egalitarianism There are several ways in which the dilemma facing Paul is dissimilar to that facing the woman in the Burley example (whom I will call Justine). For instance, the former concerns a taste while the latter concerns physical attributes.

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