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By T Kapitanial, S R Bishop

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Aikeni Charles Edward Howard Aiken (1850–1936) US ornithologist (Junco). Ailuroedus Gr. ailouros cat; od# os singer. Aimophila / aimophilus Gr. aimos copse, thicket; philos -loving (phileo# to love). Amend. Haimophila. 01 Scientific Key JM:Dictionary of Birds (Christopher Helm) 2/11/09 15:08 Page 37 A aithalodes Gr. aithalod# es# sooty, black (aithalos soot, thick smoke). aithocorys Gr. aithos fire; korus helmet. Aithurus (syn. Trochilus) Gr. aeithouros ever-warlike, always belligerent. Aix Gr.

Candidus glittering white). ̈ “Ardea alba major” of Willughby (1676) (Casmerodius). ̈ “Corneille du Sénégal” of de Buffon (1770–1783) (Corvus). ̈ “Numenius albus. White Curlew” of Catesby (1731) (Eudocimus). ̈ “Ourigourap” of Levaillant (1796) (Namaqua name Ourigourap for the Egyptian Vulture) (syn. Neophron percnopterus). ̈ “White Gallinule” of Phillip (1789) (Porphyrio). 40 Alca Norwegian name Alke for the Razorbill A. torda; based on “Alca” of Clusius (1605), Wormius (1655) and Willughby (1676).

Cinclus, syn. Prunella) Mod. L. accentor chorister (> L. ad towards, for; cantor singer). “The genus Accentor was first proposed by Bechstein [1797] … for the Dipper in the same year in which Cinclus was proposed by Borkhausen for the same bird. It is uncertain whether Borkhausen or Bechstein’s name was published first. Subsequently, in 1802 Bechstein … used the same generic term Accentor, for the Alpine Accentor. The next available name for the Accentors is Prunella Vieillot … and this is used by Hartert and other writers, and has undoubted priority under the international rules.

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