Pauline Gedge's The King's Man (The King's Man Trilogy, Vol. 3) PDF

By Pauline Gedge

ISBN-10: 0143170775

ISBN-13: 9780143170778

Twelve-year-old Amunhotep III has ascended the throne to develop into pharaoh of Egypt, the richest empire in the world. The boy’s mom is regent, and she or he has dropped at court docket the popular seer, Huy, son of a humble farmer, to behave as scribe and counsel to her royal son. It’s a place of energy and accountability, one who is fraught with intrigue and the trap of corruption. For it's Huy who controls the treasury, the army, and all building and taxation—and might be most vital, it's Huy who chooses the younger pharaoh’s queen. His activities and premonitions, in addition to his mythical previous, make him only a few acquaintances and a good many enemies.

In The King’s Man, Huy’s upward push to energy and fame—as chronicled first in The two times Born after which in Seer of Egypt—reaches its resounding climax.

together with her meticulous study and compelling prose, Pauline Gedge transports readers into the traditional and interesting tradition that was once Egypt.

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Leaving the skiff, Huy waited impatiently for his litter to be unloaded. The din around him, though cheerful, was trying. With a vision of the often-deserted and quiet river path between his estate and the town of Hut-herib itself, he climbed into the litter. His bearers moved cautiously through the throng, none confident enough to demand a passage for him, but once past Peru-nefer itself the crowd thinned. The guarded arsenal loomed on Huy’s right, and once past it the bearers swung that way, pacing by its wall until suddenly the huge parade ground opened out in a dazzling expanse.

It will be good to welcome him back. ” Huy filed both snippets of information away. The guards were already slowing after no more than two turns of the corridor. Ahead, a pair of tall cedar doors stood open. Two of Huy’s own soldiers were already standing guard outside. He greeted them and they returned his words with obvious relief at seeing him. As he stepped over the threshold, Amunmose came hurrying. At the sight of Huy’s companion, he fell to his knees and his forehead audibly bumped the tiles.

The garden suddenly darkened and the hennaed lips so close to his own became ebony in the uncertain light. “Kiss me, Huy,” she whispered, and it was Anuket wearing the crown, Anuket whose fingers pressed the wreath against his skin. Huy cried out softly, but he did not wake. 2 HUY HAD EXPECTED THAT AMUNHOTEP would hold audience in the Throne Room he remembered so uncomfortably from the time when he had lost his nerve to expose the sphinx dream as a sham. But the servant who arrived the following morning did not lead him through the palace and out into one of the gardens; he stayed within the main complex, and once again Huy was lost.

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